"As a leader, as an artist, as a friend, Simone shines. Her commitment to creating art from a place of integrity, joy, and earnestness is contagious. I had the great honor of working with Simone on several projects and each time was amazed by her ability, both as a collaborator and director, to strike a balance between assertiveness and vulnerability. She fostered a culture of trust, and this allowed us to create freely- a rare joy. Ultimately, Simone has a vision for the world. I have never met another artist quite like her and can say with immense gratitude and without a doubt in my mind that I would not be the artist I am today without having met her."

-Madeline Bugeau-Heartt

Writer, Performer

"Simone is an absolute joy to work with! From the very beginning she was open and clear about her vision for the project.  She was punctual, communicative, and always prepared. Simone made us actors feel advocated for, which is something I really appreciate when working on a show.


-Kristin Carmella


"Working with Simone was not only professional but helpful. She provided us with an environment in which she guided us around the perimeter and then we were free to go crazy and have fun on the inside, creating through the process with her directing us. Simone is passionate and loyal to the work and to the actor. She cares for people as well as the big picture. Isabella in Oz would have been nothing like it was without her direction and patience. I can honestly say the best part of the show was having Simone as my Director. "

-Quincey Lou Huerter


"Simone knows what the show needs and how to make the actors be their best. Even with limited resources and equipment, she can find ways to make it work. She not only challenges the actors, but she gets them to discover new strengths they had in them. She made actors and crew members want to work with her and leave with a smile on their face after a rehearsal and show."

-Gina DeLuca

Stage Manager

"Working with Simone has been one of the biggest highlights in my career as a professional choreographer.  Simone is a director who is extremely organized and able to keep all of the elements of a show in line. Simone also has a unique artistic vision that she communicates effectively with both her given cast, as well as with her artistic team.  Speaking personally as a choreographer, Simone was one of the first directors who truly wanted to collaborate with me so that our vision was aligned and cohesive. With this collaboration, I appreciated her ability to trust my work and vision with the movement.  She never micromanaged me yet always checked in along the way to be sure I felt supported.  My only regret is that I have not had the pleasure to work with her again! I would recommend Simone as a director for any production, as I see her as a team player, a true leader and asset to any theatre."


-Adrienne Bergeron 


"I worked with Simone on a musical in Los Angeles. She served as the director and choreographer and she was so wonderful to work with. She always came to rehearsal prepared and ready to work. Simone is also extremely professional - throw any road block her way and she handles the situation with grace. Simone is a team player. Throughout the process, I really felt like Simone was on my side and she sincerely wanted all of the actors to feel comfortable and confident in their work. As an actor, this is extremely reassuring and helped us all to come together as a team. Working creatively with Simone is a no-brainer - her professionalism and kind-hearted spirit are what make her an exceptional artist."

-Parker Johnson


"Simone's even, ready-made approach to rehearsals allows for an amicable space for Artists' creativity. Her budding curiosity for contemporary culture brings modern relevance to a text a contemporary audiences can appreciate. As an actress herself, her innate care for her actor's needs and the freedom she affords her cast members drives the heart of miracles on her stage."

-Michael Aguilo 


"I had the pleasure of working with Simone on a developmental workshop of a new musical. From the audition to the final performance, she was an absolute delight to work with. Simone created a rehearsal environment where everyone felt supported and was encouraged to make bold choices. Even though we only worked together for a brief period of time, it became clear that Simone gives her whole self to every project she is involved with. She is a creative, confident force of a director and I hope to collaborate with her in the future."

-Emily Jones


"Simone is a born leader. She knows how to captain a ship even in the worst of storms. No matter what's being thrown at you -- the ceiling could be falling on your head and she'll have a creatively ingenious idea to not only whimsically incorporate the collapsing ceiling, but also put her team at ease. She has that spark in her that sees the magic in people. Not only does Simone see the magic, she makes the people she works with feel confident and empowered enough to release it into the world."

-Jose Fernando


"Working with Simone was an absolute pleasure, and honestly, without her there would be no show. She created a safe space for us to grow and work with the play, while still directing her vision. It truly was a collaborative experience, and with such few rehearsals, I'm in shock at what she was able to draw out of us."

-Christal Bell


"Working with Simone on "Isabella in Oz" was a real joy. She is punctual, organized, and super professional. As an actor I felt free in her rehearsals to explore, make bold choices, and have creative input. Simone provides a perfect balance of allowing her actors creative freedom and preparing structured rehearsals so our time is used wisely. She is adaptable to different personalities, encourages uniqueness and growth, and enjoys the discoveries made under collaboration. She is a strong leader, able to command discipline and respect but also creates a fun, safe atmosphere to play."

-Connie Jo Sechrist

Performer, Creative Producer

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