Blooming in the Whirlwind

First published by Level Ground in Blooming in the Whirlwind (2020). The poem inspired the short film The Thump Thump Thump of This Heart (2020) by Alex Smith and Andrew Neel, and the installation SWELL (2021) by Ismael de Anda III. The poem, film and installation were featured in the Blooming in the Whirlwind gallery exhibition at Durden and Ray in Los Angeles in 2021.

Developed by Centrifuge Arts over three days, featuring poetry and improvised movement captured on cell phones, "Letters to the Universe" is a poetic dance film born of necessity that asks, in a time of a global pandemic and grave uncertainty about the future: how can we be with ourselves without the things that distract or embellish our existence? Is it possible to imagine who we might become without our productivity, our connections, our badges of honor? And in taking the time and the space to truly see ourselves, for perhaps the first time in our lives, can we find grace?

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A 2021 Hollywood Fringe Scholarship winner, Vice is a sci-fi live theatre-film hybrid that explores the devastation and hope within imagined futures, and ultimately asks: How can you survive when you have been programmed out of existence? How can you reach someone whose vice is a reality where you do not exist?

An old woman suffers from dementia. A young stroke victim struggles to make language. A trans woman claims her identity. All three find themselves in a strange new world. 'Alice' appears in many forms, but when she/they encounter her/their new reflections in the world of Through the Looking Glass, each 'Alice' must choose how to reconcile her/their life-changing experiences with a sense of identity and what that means for their future.

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Symphony of the Fourth Dimension is a series of poetic dance theatre vignettes that seek to unravel the profound relationship we have with time and space through the lens of the physical, emotional, metaphysical, human experience. And so, from the streets of New York City, to the mystical world of lucid dreams, from the site of a supernova billions of light-years away, to the silent death of an ancient civilization, audiences of Symphony of the Fourth Dimension are led by a precocious middle schooler on a quest through the universe to find an answer to the age-old question: What is Time?